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To be the best player in the world, definitely you have to be different. We know that over the years and the amount of experience the tactics and techniques can be improved, however the only thing that differentiates you from others is your philosophy.

That’s why adidas creates this global movement called Team Messi, which was marked by the launch of an iconic video that captures the philosophy of how Messi plays football. Based on the “Messi Mantra”, the video show us the attributes, behaviors and values ​​that makes Leo, the most admired and inspiring football player.

Within this campaign, we can be closer to Leo than ever. Team Messi seeks to bring together fans electronically through Facebook. By joining, fans will receive an exclusive insight into the world of Messi, providing a unique connection with Leo.

Don’t stay out and be part of this great experience, join Team Messi on / teammessi or follow the conversation on Twitter @teammessi

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